I’m here!

I’m here! I made it safely, and only missed two trains (and almost a plane)  in the process. After landing in Hannover, I met another American student who will be studying abroad in a different city. We both were headed to the Hannover Hauptbahnhof (central station), and neither of us were sure how to get there, so we teamed up to figure it out. I missed my first train because I forgot to change the time on my phone an hour ahead of the time in London, but I just got on the next one. At the Hauptbahnhof, I went to what I thought was the right platform, but after asking someone who worked there, I learned that the platform, and the train that I was supposed to be on, was behind me at the next platform over. When I got there, the doors for the train were closed and I couldn’t find a button to open them. Eventually it started moving, and that’s how I missed a second train. When I finally got into my host city, I had to take another bus to my apartment building (with some help from another American exchange student). It was a very long journey, but I’m so excited to be here!







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